GTX4709R GEN II Turbo by Garrett


Horsepower: 825 – 1625     Displacement: 2.0L – 10.0L

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• GEN II compressor wheel aerodynamics
• 15% increased flow
• 76mm, 80mm, inducer configurations
• Larger .88 A/R compressor housing volute
• GTX4709R features a 109 mm comp exducer ( + 1mm) and has 39% lower inertia*
• Super core and turbine housing sold separately
• Compatible with GT and GTX turbine housings


GTX4720R GEN II | Reference DataCompressorTurbine
Super Core PNReplacesInducerExducerTrimA/RInducerExducerTrim
Notes:Turbine Kit PNA/RInletOutletWastegateDividedTrim
Super Core and Turbine Kit Sold Together.761208-00090.96T6V-BandFree FloatN82
761208-00101.08T6V-BandFree FloatN82
761208-00111.23T6V-BandFree FloatN82
761208-00121.39T6V-BandFree FloatN82

Additional information

Inducer Size

76MM, 80MM

Turbine Housing

761208-0009, 761208-0010, 761208-0011, 761208-0012

Turbo Flange

T6 2.25" Single, T6 2.50" Single, T6 3.00" Single, T6 3.50" Single, T6 2.25" Divided, T6 2.50" Divided, T6 2.50" Dual/Open, T6 3.00" Dual/Open, T6 3.50" Dual/Open

Turbo Flange Finish

Stepped, Smooth


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